PRTG 22.2.76 comes with Okta SSO, a new sensor & security improvements

 Originally published on May 09, 2022 by Michael Becker
Last updated on May 09, 2022 • 12 minute read

Just 6 weeks have passed since our last release and already a new one is ready. PRTG Network Monitor version 22.2.76 is now available in the stable release channel and comes with Okta as a new SSO provider. Additionally, 9 sensor types have left the beta status and are now available by default. The release also includes the experimental NetApp Volume v2 sensor and several updated sensor libraries to improve security.

As you can see, there are many innovations - let's take a look at the details!

NEW: Okta for SSO

With this PRTG version, you have the option to use a second single sign-on (SSO) provider. After the successful release of Azure AD with PRTG 21.2.68, we now offer you the option to use Okta as SSO provider to login to PRTG with multi-factor authentication (MFA). Based on our client satisfaction rating, Okta has been the most important provider to be integrated for MFA with SSO.

You can choose Okta as SSO provider in the PRTG System Administration as an alternative to Azure Active Directory and accordingly set up the integration.


NEW: 9 new fully supported sensors

Nine sensors types that were previously in beta are now fully supported. In detail, they are the following sensors:

AWS sensors

Together with the older AWS Cost sensor (stable since PRTG 20.4.64), we now have 5 fully supported AWS sensors. NEW as of PRTG 22.2.76 are



The AWS RDS v2 sensor is now the only AWS sensor that remains in BETA.

HPE 3PAR sensors

The HPE 3PAR Drive Enclosure sensor and the HPE 3PAR Virtual Volume sensor are now NEW and addable by default. Together with the HPE 3PAR Common Provisioning Group sensor (stable since PRTG v. 21.3.70), we now have three fully supported HPE 3PAR sensors.

Redfish sensors

Our first two Redfish sensors are stable! The Redfish Power Supply sensor and the Redfish System Health sensor both leave BETA. The third Redfish sensor, Redfish Virtual Disk, is still experimental.


Rittal sensor

Last but not least, the SNMP Rittal CMC III Hardware Status sensor is now fully supported. It has successfully monitored the hardware status of Rittal CMC III processing units as an experimental sensor since PRTG v. 21.3.69.


EXPERIMENTAL: NetApp Volume v2 sensor

PRTG 22.2.76 includes the second NetApp sensor which will be the successor to the existing NetApp Volume sensor. It monitors the volume of a NetApp storage system via REST API using ONTAP 9.6 or later.


And that's still not all...

This release has 16 bug fixes in total. The most prominent bug was that the Microsoft Azure SQL Database sensor started to fail around the Easter holidays due to a change in the Azure API. Our teams quickly reacted to this unpleasant news and the new PRTG version includes an Azure SQL sensor that works again.

It also includes several updated sensor libraries, namely of the sensor types MySQL v2 and PostgreSQL, the SSH library, and the log4net library. The updates result in improved security and general improvements. For the next PRTG version we plan to update the delivered Python distribution.

Also check our PRTG release notes and roadmap

In summary, PRTG 22.2.76 includes 59 resolved issues, 13 implemented features and stories, 16 bug fixes and 30 completed tasks and to-dos. For all details, have a look at our release notes page.

We also offer a public roadmap of PRTG on our website and we update it regularly. There you can read which features we are currently working on and what kind of things we want to implement in PRTG in the future.

PRTG Roadmap

Has your PRTG maintenance run out?

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