Paessler Board: Steven, Our New CTO, Introduces Himself

 Originally published on May 16, 2018 by Steven Feurer
Last updated on March 03, 2022 • 3 minute read

Every tech company needs a Steve. Apple had one. Microsoft too. Now it's Paessler's turn. Okay, as the "new guy" you’re allowed to make introductions like that. I’m the new CTO of Paessler, and my name is Steven Feurer. Paessler is an exciting company and I am truly honored to join the team, starting in May, bringing in my experiences as a full-stack developer and product specialist in order to help shape the future of PRTG and the company.

The technology and the teams behind PRTG and Paessler are ready to grow with changing market requirements. Admins already have to maintain and manage mixed environments (On-Premises and Cloud-Services) and it is our goal to listen to new demands. By evaluating trends, we will ensure that PRTG continues to be the best all-in-one monitoring solution for our customers.

My Passion

My passion for software and code started early (in the home computer era with the Commodore 64 and the Amiga) and it soon became clear that I wanted to turn this passion into a profession. During my years of education in computer science, I developed commercial software for industry solutions and ERP systems.

When the Internet finally gained momentum in Europe, I shifted my focus towards full-stack LAMP systems and Microsoft environments. I have spent a substantial period of my professional career in companies I either founded or co-founded. This entrepreneurial experience especially shaped my focus and passion for product development, for markets, and for the customer. Technology and strong market focus go hand-in-hand; hence I am looking forward to applying a mindset that straddles technology, the product, and the business in our joint efforts and combined future success.

Not “Completely New”

And certainly worth mentioning: I have known people at Paessler for some time, so I am not "completely new" to all employees. I met former CEO and founder Dirk Paessler for the first time almost 20 years ago, when we both worked for an e-Commerce Startup. We’ve built our companies at the same time – and I enjoyed seeing Paessler grow and having such a great success in the market. When Dirk asked me in 2015 to join the advisory board, I gladly accepted.

During my time on the advisory board, I was able to get a deeper understanding of the underlying metrics and about the strategic developments - and I look forward to bringing this experience to my work on the Paessler Executive Board.


125_Vorstaende__IMG_0068-BearbeitetPaessler Executive Board, from left: Marc Roessel (CFO), Christian Twardawa (CEO), Steven Feurer (CTO)