Monitoring meets agriculture: smart technology for less water consumption

 Published by Patrick Gebhardt
Last updated on June 05, 2023 • 3 minute read

Imagine agriculture that uses only the water that is absolutely necessary for cultivation. Today, water-efficient farming still sounds like pure fiction. After all, agriculture currently consumes 70 percent of our drinking water supplies worldwide. In most cases, irrigation technology is outdated or not adapted to the conditions.

smart technology for less water consumption
Paessler has teamed up with comtac AG as well as the water association of Germany's largest vegetable growing area ("Knoblauchsland") and worked on an effective solution to the following questions.

  • How can we make a water circuit smart enough to respond to all kinds of agricultural factors at any time?
  • How can leakages be detected quickly?
  • How can data from soil sensors and the weather forecast be incorporated into the irrigation system so that it effectively uses only as much water as necessary?

Intrigued? Then say hi to Christian, Head of Innovation here at Paessler: