All you need to know about PRTG Release 20.1.57 (and some additional updates…)

 Published by Sascha Neumeier
Last updated on March 03, 2022 • 9 minute read

It's not that long ago that I wrote about PRTG release 20.1.56 here in the blog. Due to the worldwide COVID-19 situation, I also got a bit confused regarding times and priorities. How we as a company continue to work in these stormy times, and what tips we have for you, you can read here:

all you need to know about prtg release 20.1.57 and some tools and apps updates

While our developers are already working on version 20.2.58, I bring you a summary of the features of version 20.1.57. The current version includes 101 resolved issues. We fixed 30 bugs, implemented 45 feature tickets, and finished 26 tasks and to do's. Now let's take a closer look at the details:

New feature: LDAPS monitoring

The LDAP sensor now supports LDAP over SSL (LDAPS). For this purpose, you can choose the "Use LDAP over SSL" connection security setting that makes it possible to monitor secured Active Directory (AD) servers.

Please note that this change only affects the LDAP sensor. We will include LDAPS support for the PRTG Active Directory integration in the next PRTG version, 20.2.58.

More placeholders for notifications

The last PRTG version 20.1.56 already came with placeholders for tags in notifications. With PRTG 20.1.57, we give you even more control over the content of your notifications.

This time we added 4 new placeholders, which are basically simplified versions of already existing placeholders for better usage in SMS notifications or in automation tasks, for example.

%laststatus The current sensor status to make tasks like automation easier. This is simpler than the more complex %status placeholder.
%elapsed_lastcheck The elapsed time since the last scan of a sensor as shown in its general information section. This is a simpler version of %lastcheck because it omits the timestamp
%elapsed_lastdown The elapsed time since the last down status of a sensor. This is a simpler version of %lastdown because it omits the timestamp
%elapsed_lastup The elapsed time since the last up status of a sensor. This is a simpler version of %lastup because it omits the timestamp

Improved VMware Host Hardware Status (SOAP) sensor and the handling of unknown states

The VMware Host Hardware Status (SOAP) sensor now categorizes unknown states reported by the VMware host server as an entity with its own sensor channel and does not show them as warnings anymore.

You also have the sensor settings option to not show unknown states in the sensor message. The setting Known Warnings is only meant for warning states now. The sensor behavior of earlier versions, where you had to define dozens or even hundreds of Known Warnings to prevent unnecessary warning states, is now history! :)

What else happened?

Well, we updated Npcap, a feature the Packet Sniffer sensors use to monitor traffic, and we implemented some improvements under the hood. Curious to read all the details? Then have a look at our PRTG Release Notes.

Finally some news about PRTG tools and apps

New version of our SNMP Tester

Monitoring via the SNMP protocol is still one of the standards in 2020. That's why we have provided you with a new version of the Paessler SNMP Tester.

This is basically a maintenance release with several minor fixes and improvements. The tool also got a signed installer and executable to confirm their integrity, and we changed the versioning system to follow the PRTG versioning. That's also why the version number jumps from 5.2.3 to 20.1.58. Furthermore, we completely overhauled the SNMP Tester manual.

Try out the new version and have a look at the fresh and shiny user manual 😊

New versions of PRTG for Android and PRTG for iOS: 20.0.0

There is also an update for our mobile apps. We recently released version 20.0.0 of PRTG for Android and PRTG for iOS. We have decided to do a staged rollout, so not every device will be immediately provided with the new version.

Read all the details about the new mobile apps in our article New versions of PRTG for Android and PRTG for iOS: 20.0.0.

Check out our public roadmap

We also offer a public roadmap of PRTG on our website. There you can read at any time about which features we are currently working on and what kind of things we want to implement in PRTG in the future.

Your PRTG maintenance is over?

Is your PRTG installation out of maintenance and you can’t install the latest release? We can fix that! Just switch to your PRTG Welcome screen and hit the “Get Maintenance” button. If you prefer personal contact, send an email to and our fabulous Customer Service Team will be there for you.