PRTG release 24.1.92 is available in the stable release channel!

 Published by Michael Becker
Last updated on March 01, 2024 • 11 minute read

The latest version of Paessler PRTG, 24.1.92, is now available through the stable release channel! This version comes with several new sensor types that are now fully supported (like the Ping v2 sensor, HTTP v2 sensor and SNMP Uptime v2 sensor), an update for OpenSSL, and several other improvements throughout Paessler PRTG.

Here are the details:

New: Several sensors left BETA status

Several sensor types are now fully supported with the release of this PRTG version, having left beta status. These sensor types are: FortiGate VPN Overview sensor, Ping v2 sensor, Redfish Virtual Disk sensor, SNMP Uptime v2 and Cisco Meraki sensors. In previous versions of PRTG, these sensors were first released as experimental sensors. Please see our release notes for all new sensor types in PRTG 24.1.92:


Please note: All sensors that have left beta status have the NEW flag.

Improvements, fixes, and changes

Sensor improvements

The Redfish Virtual Disk sensor (NEW) is now able to handle disks that have one of the following states: Enabled, StandbySpare, InTest, Starting, Quiesced, Updating and Qualified. Previously, the sensor could only handle the state Enabled and would display the status offline for all other states.
We have also improved the security of using Python scripts with the Script v2 sensor (BETA) when using the -E parameter. This parameter prevents setting a different PYTHONPATH and running Python scripts with potential security issues in the Python script directory.

Security improvements

We also made several security improvements, such as API key generation via API call requests that now match the permissions granted. We also fixed a vulnerability in the editlicense.htm endpoint that could allow an attacker to change license details with user interaction, and we hardened PRTG against a possible Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) attack. As part of these improvements, we have also updated to OpenSSL version 1.1.1w to further ensure secure communication.

Server fixes and improvements

✅ This release addresses several server-side issues. Notably, you can now send support bundles via the Contact Support option when a proxy server is configured in the PRTG Core & Probes settings.

The inheritance of a device will no longer be disabled when you make changes to a device list via multi-edit, resolving the issue where the Inherit From toggle would be disabled for affected device settings.

✅ We have resolved an issue with historical data reports, ensuring that the Date Time table displays all relevant hours correctly, even when you have set a different time zone under My Account in the PRTG Web Interface.

✅ In the Maps section, two issues have been fixed. You can once again change the background image of a map in the map settings, and public map access now functions properly for read-only users with access to a public map in the relevant PRTG User Group, even if different security contexts are applied to objects within the map. This resolves the previous error, "Map refresh failed," in such cases.

Scheduled reports will now be sent again via email as expected when configured in the Report Schedule setting. Previously, an access violation in the Core.log occurred when the report schedule attempted to email a configured email address or PRTG user group.

API v2 & new UI enhancements

*️⃣ For the API v2, numerous issue fixes have been implemented for specific (experimental) endpoints. For instance, the endpoint '/api/v2/schemas/device?purpose=create&parent=1' previously resulted in a 404 NOT FOUND error, despite being a valid schema.

*️⃣ The new PRTG UI incorporates several changes and enhancements. You will now experience automatic logout after a designated period within the new UI if you have activated the 'Automatic Logout' setting in the classic web interface.

*️⃣ You now have the ability to customize device icons within the 'Additional Device Information' settings. Additionally, when you log in to PRTG, the color mode you selected in My Account (light or dark) will now be applied correctly. The New UI also introduces a Sunburst View, facilitating the display and navigation of monitoring objects on the left side of the split screen."

New call-to-action

Please also check our PRTG release notes

In summary, PRTG 24.1.92 includes 155 resolved issues, including 17 implemented features and stories, 56 bug fixes and 71 completed tasks and to-dos. For all the details, take a look at our release notes page.

We also offer a public roadmap of PRTG on our website, which we update regularly. There you can read which features we are currently working on and what kind of things we want to implement in PRTG in the future.

Has your PRTG maintenance run out?

Has the maintenance on your PRTG installation expired and you can’t install the latest release? We can fix that! Just go to your PRTG Welcome page and hit the “Get Maintenance” button. If you prefer personal contact, send an email to and our fabulous Customer Service Team will be there for you.