PRTG can monitor your whole CCTV topology

 Published by Patrick Gebhardt
Last updated on January 23, 2024 • 3 minute read

CCTV is on everyone's lips, on the one hand as a sociological debate about where security must end and privacy begin, and on the other as a technical opportunity that, like any technology, offers possibilities and limits. This is about the technical aspect, or rather the conclusion that PRTG is able to monitor CCTV systems of different complexity.

prtg can monitor your whole cctv topology

Depending on the requirements and scope of the environment, PRTG offers numerous ways to maintain a comprehensive, yet well-arranged overview of CCTV systems and to be informed reliably in the event of system failures, malfunctions and other problems. For a good, sophisticated introduction of the possibilities, I recommend Sascha's article


👉 How to Monitor CCTV Equipment with PRTG

and our new, stylish infovideo:

Almost every CCTV system is unique in its complexity, demands and possible risks. That's why our team will be glad to provide advice if you are interested in monitoring your CCTV system with PRTG.