Knock, knock.

 Originally published on May 20, 2022 by Patrick Gebhardt
Last updated on May 20, 2022 • 5 minute read

Who's there?

Just another day of companies telling you how much they appreciate you.

Thing is, we at Paessler believe in actions instead of mere words.

We value you so much that we provide you with year-round content that entertains, inspires, supports and helps you in very tangible ways.

The Customer Appreciation Day, celebrated on the third Friday in May, is – like the System Administrator Appreciation Day on the last Friday in July – an occasion for us to share great content. Just like the other 363 days of the year.

But we thought we would introduce you to a nice short article to show you some of the content pieces that have been particularly popular with our readers in recent times.

Have fun looking through them!

Are you already familiar with this content?

🚑 PRTG helped ALYN Hospital complete a major departmental restructuring during the COVID-19 pandemic

ALYN Hospital completed a major departmental restructuring by helping its IT team gain greater visibility of the functionality of its ventilators and life-saving machinery.

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👷 From a hunch to the root cause: a true sysadmin story

As a sysadmin, one of your greatest assets is the ability to follow your hunches. In this sysadmin story, a hunch led to finding the root cause of a critical error that threatened to cost a construction materials company a lot of money.

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As it is often the case with data centers of medium sized organizations, Waynes data center was hidden out of sight in the basement of the university. So what do you do when a colleague comes to you and asks "There is water in the data center, did you know?"

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✨ Analyzing Starlink speed and availability over 10 months with PRTG

In March 2021, as a participant in Starlink's European beta program, our founder Dirk received a ground station and installed it on the roof of his house. Here are his observations after monitoring it for almost a full year with Paessler PRTG.

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🔥 Cooling an overheated server room...with fans: A true sysadmin story

How do you cool a server room when the AC unit isn’t working? What about good old ventilation fans? While this might not sound like a workable solution, it’s exactly the idea our colleague Michael had when he faced an overheated server room.

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🌱 How our customers use Paessler PRTG for IT and resource monitoring

Two current customers and users of Paessler PRTG agreed to answer some questions for us about the focus of both their classical IT and resource monitoring, what it looks like (along with some specific screenshots) and what hurdles they had to overcome.

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