PRTG Release 18.3.42 Is about Notifications, SQL Server 2017 and Shiny Map Objects

 Originally published on August 01, 2018 by Sascha Neumeier
Last updated on January 23, 2024 • 6 minute read

I'm sure most of you are already using our PRTG release 18.2.41. Have you tried the donuts? 😉 Since the last PRTG release this graph object is available in the maps. If you really don't know this yet, take a look at the last release blog article: Mmm…Donuts! PRTG Release 18.2.41 Comes with a New Map Chart Object

Today I want to show you the new features and the numerous improvements of PRTG Release 18.3.42.

Brand-New Feature: Notifications for Slack and Microsoft Teams

We introduce two new notification types with this version. You can now send notifications to your Slack and Microsoft Teams channels! Choose the notification type Send Slack Message or Send Microsoft Teams Message in your notification settings, provide the URL of the webhook you set up, and receive your PRTG notifications with all essential information directly in your messenger.

This is what it looks like:

prtg-network-monitor-slack-notification prtg-network-monitor-microsoft-teams-notification

Read more how to set up the notification for Slack or Microsoft teams in your PRTG installation:

Further Notification Improvements

You are now more flexible in e-mail notification - define custom sender e-mail addresses and names per email notification! In addition, the Notification Type Execute HTTP Action now supports PUT and PATCH in addition to the previous methods GET and POST. Choose your preferred HTTP method in the notification settings and enter the payload that PRTG will transmit to the target URL.

New sensor: Monitoring Microsoft SQL Server 2017

You can now monitor your Microsoft SQL Server 2017 with PRTG! The new WMI Microsoft SQL Server 2017 sensor monitors your database performance and shows values from SQL General Statistics, Access Methods, the Buffer Manager, the Memory Manager, the Locks Manager, and SQL Statistics.

Some Improvements and Fixes

You can now use negative filtering in Event Log (Windows API) sensors! This means that you can exclude specific event sources, IDs, categories, users, computers, and messages from monitoring. Events that you exclude via the sensor settings will not be processed by the event log sensors.

We also took care of the design of various map objects. We updated older map objects to fit better with the fresh style of the PRTG web interface.

Furthermore, we improved the stability of the integrated System Information feature.

Of course there are also several bugfixes with the recent version. You can find out which fixes have been made in our PRTG Release Notes in full detail.

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