New Features in PRTG 8 - Part 2: New Native Linux and Mac OS Sensors

 Originally published on July 26, 2010 by Daniel Zobel
Last updated on March 03, 2022 • 3 minute read

While the beta test of PRTG 8 is running we are posting a series of blog articles about new features!Monitoring Linux systems was already possible in earlier versions of PRTG (an “SNMP daemon”, like net-snmp had to be installed on the machines). In version 8, PRTG now monitors Linux systems using dedicated sensors supporting Linux/Unix and also Mac OS X without the need to install or change anything on the target machines.

Zoom: PRTG 8 SSH Sensors for different systems (overview)


Using the technologies SSH or WBEM, PRTG requests information about CPU load, memory status or hard disks directly from the systems. When SSH is used, the data is sent via a secure connection, ensuring you do not compromise the security of your systems while transferring monitoring data via the network.

New Sensor Types

With version 8, we’re proud to introduce 9 new Linux/Unix sensors:

  • Linux Disk Free Sensor via SSH, WBEM or SNMP
  • Linux Load Average Sensor via SSH, WBEM or SNMP
  • Linux Meminfo Sensor via SSH, WBEM or SNMP

We are testing these new sensors to support as many popular Unix operating systems as possible. Although we call them “Linux sensors” in short, the SSH sensors also support Mac OS X, so you can now easily integrate Macintosh monitoring into PRTG. Note: Other Unix/Linux-like operating systems may be added soon, too. PRTG 8 SSH Sensors for Suse Linux

Beta Test It Today

Why not go and see for yourself? Download the latest Beta version today and have a look! All information can be found on the PRTG 8 Beta web page.