Monitor air-gapped networks with Paessler PRTG Enterprise Monitor

 Originally published on March 07, 2024 by Sascha Neumeier
Last updated on April 19, 2024 • 6 minute read

Comprehensive network monitoring is certainly nothing new. Network monitoring of complex, large-scale infrastructures at the highest quality level is also standard for applications such as Paessler PRTG Enterprise Monitor.

Now imagine you can do all this without having to communicate with a license activation server – which is now possible with PRTG Enterprise Monitor.

This opens up many new possibilities for you, because air-gapped – offline – infrastructures are becoming increasingly common. Affected are, for example, production environments, networks in the Operational Technology (OT) sector, and also critical infrastructures in the healthcare or government sectors.

Split your subscription the way you need it

All this is made possible by the flexible subscription licensing model of PRTG Enterprise Monitor, which now enables you to use our monitoring tool completely online, completely offline, or part online, part offline. While you continue using your main subscription license as usual in your online scenario, you can request sublicenses for offline or hybrid scenarios, which can easily be activated in your offline environment.

So when choosing the right license size, it doesn't matter whether your PRTG server is connected to the Internet or not, or whether you use a hybrid monitoring scenario like a classic network and a physically separated production network.

As your PRTG Enterprise Monitor installations do no longer need to communicate with our license activation server, you simply cut your main license in slices suitable for your use case and activate these sublicenses offline.

With the adjusted PRTG Enterprise Monitor license model, one or more sublicenses for offline use can be extracted from the main license.


A possible licensing scenario could look like this

Let's assume you want to monitor your office network infrastructure online and your two production sites offline, and you have a PRTG Enterprise Monitor subscription for 30,000 sensors.

Infographic_PPEM-offline_Hybrid-overusage.20240220132255120You'll get your regular main license grant of 30,000 sensors and you decide on two sublicenses for offline use with 10,000 sensors per license. Note that you need one sublicense per PRTG server. This leaves you with a rest of 10,000 sensors that you can use in your online environment.

If you decide to use more than 10,000 sensors in one of your offline environments, you need to extend the sublicense. However, you can easily use more sensors than granted with the main license, which communicates with the license activation server on a daily basis.

If you use more than the licensed number of sensors in your main license, these will be counted and billed at the end of the subscription period.

How to request a sublicense

If you are running a PRTG server that does not have Internet access and cannot connect to any of the Paessler activation server domains, you can activate your license offline by following the instructions in this how-to guide: How to use Paessler PRTG Enterprise Monitor in an offline environment in 5 steps

About Paessler PRTG Enterprise Monitor

PRTG Enterprise Monitor scales to large IT environments with thousands of devices and systems in multiple locations – and provides a simple way to gain visibility and control over increasingly complex infrastructures (without neglecting a great user experience).

Our monitoring software brings the following advantages:

  • Monitoring of all systems, devices, traffic, and applications in large IT environments with thousands of devices and systems in multiple locations
  • An enterprise-level, service-oriented view of your systems
  • Minimized project effort with a powerful and easy-to-use solution that provides simple monitoring while ensuring performance, clarity, and usability