Webinar: Look behind the scenes of our product development

 Originally published on July 06, 2022 by Sascha Neumeier
Last updated on July 06, 2022 • 4 minute read

Hi everyone, have you ever wanted to talk directly to one of our developers? Want to hear all the secrets about why they design a specific sensor type? Why some things are not as easy as thought? Or have you always wanted to hear an explanation why feature XYZ is still not implemented?

Did you answer at least one question with "yes"? Then don't hesitate and register now for one of our Paessler Development Insights webinars. Just click on the orange button below.

⛔️ In the webinar, there will be no sales or marketing blah-blah, just pure technical insights by the developers of Paessler PRTG. It’s a "look behind the scenes" kind of approach.

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Bringing PRTG development and users closer together

We tend to be quite open with our development work in and around Paessler PRTG. We explained the new handling of beta or experimental sensors, and guided you through a new interface and API alpha release. We even presented a new probe in a very early stage of development.

Why we do that? To generate feedback from you, our loyal PRTG user base. To quote Souzana, our Product Owner for new sensor types: "This is not a fancy marketing buzzword. We really need people trying, testing, and reporting feedback for solutions that are currently in development".

How we do that? One of our product owners or developers presents a feature they are working on in a short online meeting and gives insights and background about it.
You are involved in the call and can share your valuable feedback and directly influence the further development of the feature.

This is our commitment

✔️ You will be in direct contact with the real people in development
✔️ Your questions will be answered
✔️ NO sales, marketing or product managers in sight
✔️ You can shape the development of PRTG

What do you think? Are you in? Don’t wait and register for one of the next webinars. We'll be announcing the topics as we go along - you'll find topics that are already set by clicking the button.

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