All you need to know about PRTG Database Observer – our new product extension

 Published by Michael Becker
Last updated on November 29, 2023 • 9 minute read

A week ago, I introduced you to Paessler PRTG Data Exporter. Now, in this article, I would like to shift focus to another new extension: Paessler PRTG Database Observer.

Databases play a critical role in ensuring the smooth functioning of businesses and organizations. However, effectively monitoring these databases can be a challenging task, especially when dealing with different database types and complex queries. PRTG Database Observer provides a comprehensive and easy-to-use solution for monitoring all types of SQL databases, including SAP Hana, Microsoft SQL, Oracle, MySQL, IBM DB2, SAP MaxDB and more.

Why do you need PRTG Database Observer?

PRTG Database Observer extends the monitoring capabilities of Paessler PRTG when it comes to monitoring databases and removes the limitations that administrators currently may face. But when should you consider using PRTG Database Observer?
Let's explore some scenarios:

1️⃣ You have database systems to monitor: If you have one or more database systems that you need to keep a close eye on, PRTG Database Observer offers a powerful solution to ensure their optimal performance.

2️⃣ You use SAP Hana or IBM DB2: Paessler PRTG does not support these database types natively, but with PRTG Database Observer you can now monitor them effectively.

3️⃣ You want to manage and execute SQL queries from PRTG: The extension makes it easy even for non-experts to set up, maintain, and execute SQL queries.

4️⃣ You're not sure what to monitor: If you're not sure what aspects of your database management system (DBMS) you should be monitoring, PRTG Database Observer provides several out-of-the-box queries that you can use to keep an eye on key performance indicators to help you make informed decisions.

5️⃣ You want dynamic channel creation: With dynamic channel creation and no channel limits, you can tailor your monitoring to your specific needs.

PRTG Database Observer

Comprehensive database monitoring made easy

PRTG Database Observer provides access to a wide range of database attributes that are critical for database administrators (DBAs). Depending on the type of (SQL) database you have, these are some of the metrics that you can query:

Connection statistics

Database Memory Utilization

Buffer Manager performance counters

Transaction log utilization

Index usage

Backup check

and many more

What are the benefits of PRTG Database Observer?

The advantages of using the PRTG Database Observer are numerous and include the following benefits:

➡️ Access any data: Monitor data from a variety of database systems, including MSSQL, SAP Hana, MySQL, Oracle, IBM DB2, SAP MaxDB, and more

➡️ Templates and Queries: Use predefined monitoring templates and queries created by experienced database administrators, or create and share your own.

➡️ No channel limitations: Take advantage of dynamic channel creation and parameterize your queries as needed.

➡️ All data in one place: Extend PRTG's capabilities to monitor the availability and performance of SQL databases as well as business-related data in the databases in even more detail.

➡️ Take PRTG to the next level: Take your Paessler PRTG monitoring solution to new heights by adding PRTG Database Observer to your toolkit.

How does PRTG Database Observer work?

PRTG Database Observer is a .NET application which acts as a communication bridge between Paessler PRTG and your database management system, allowing you to select from existing queries or create your own monitoring queries. The two main entities you work with in this extension are:

1️⃣ Profile: This entity stores the connection details of your database management system, ensuring secure and efficient communication.

2️⃣ Query: This is where you define all the details of the query to be executed against your database engine at each scan interval.


PRTG Database Observer is a versatile and powerful tool that simplifies database monitoring across multiple platforms. Whether you're an experienced DBA or new to database management, this extension gives you the freedom and flexibility you need to keep your database systems running smoothly and your business on track. Take your database monitoring to the next level with the PRTG Database Observer today.