All about PRTG Release 18.2.39 + a Sneak Peek into Our Version Numbers

 Originally published on April 20, 2018 by Sascha Neumeier
Last updated on March 03, 2022 • 5 minute read

You probably already know pretty much everything about the PRTG release 18.1.38, which was released on our stable channel in March. If not, please read the article "Security, Healthcare and Much More! Why You Should Update to PRTG Release".

Since a few days ago, the brand new stable version 18.2.39 is ready for installation. Before we look at the changes and improvements of the new release, I would like to tell you more about the logic of our version numbers.

If you have been working with PRTG versions for some time, you may already know the numbering - in this case feel free to continue reading from the Several Improvements section. 😊

What is the PRTG Version Number?

Let me shed some light on the numbering jungle. A typical version number for PRTG looks like this:



Place May contain Comment
Year 2 digits The year this version was released
Quarter 1-4 The quarter in that year
Version 2 digits Paessler's internal version number
Build number up to 5 digits We increment this with each build. Build number is reset with every major release.
(Appended) + or nothing Inside PRTG the version number can have a "+" appended at the end to show that the core service is running in 64-bit (with the "+"), or in 32-bit mode (without the "+").


That's the secret behind our version numbers. This allows you to estimate how much sweat was poured between two stable releases, depending on how far apart the build numbers are. 😉

Several Improvements

This month’s release is focused on various improvements. In addition to a PowerShell fix and a security improvement for the PRTG API, the outgoing connections from the PRTG core server to Paessler servers for activation, update check, and downloads now use the more secure https protocol.

Another highlight, that (hopefully) all of you who manage PRTG users via Active Directory will love is the improved permissions management for PRTG user accounts. You can now define in the user group settings that new users of a certain Active Directory group have read-only rights and the right to acknowledge alarms. During my time as PRTG administrator, I've always longed for this feature - so I'm happy to share this opportunity with you!

What has Changed?

In addition to the improvements mentioned above, there are several other changes and fixes to report. An important adaptation of the NetApp System Health Sensor is worth mentioning here. In the last stable version 18.1.38, the sensor has unfortunately been writing its data to wrong channels, and we fixed this issue. If you have this sensor in use, you need to create it anew. Existing sensors will not be updated.

Check out our release notes page for all details of the latest PRTG changes.

0 Maintenance Days Left?

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