Where Are We Going? Check Our PRTG Roadmap!

 By Sascha Neumeier
Jul 8, 2019 • 4 minute read

We are often asked if and when we want to integrate this or that feature into PRTG Network Monitor, or in which direction PRTG will develop further. From now on we will make this information available online in our PRTG Roadmap.

It is important for us to give you more insight into our development process with this roadmap. We are constantly evolving PRTG to make your daily work easier and enable you to focus on your core tasks.

Our roadmap is organized in three categories:

Working On

There are always things that our developers are already working on. Features listed here usually will find their way from Canary to Preview and Stable release channels within the next months.  
However, a feature is only definite once it is part of a PRTG stable release.


The elements listed here have already gone through our internal evaluation phase and we are preparing the necessary details.

However, this also means that during the development phase, obstacles can occur that prevent a final realization.

In short: Entries in this column have been evaluated, but there may still be changes.

Looking At

Here you see elements where we already recognized the demand and have understood the requirements.

At this stage it is possible that a closer look at the feature will show that an implementation is not possible or does not bring enough value at the moment.

Why Is Feature XY Still Not Implemented? It Would Be So Easy!

In software development, cross-dependencies are a big thing. Sometimes, a certain feature seems small and easy to implement at first look, but on closer inspection ends up to have many dependencies with other areas that must be considered.

Nothing Is as Constant as Change

Our PRTG roadmap does not claim to be complete, nor do we guarantee a hundred percent fulfillment of all items. Perhaps there will be features in the ‘Looking At’ column that will never make it into a later PRTG stable release. Maybe, on the other hand, we'll suddenly integrate a quick win into the product that was so easy to implement that it was barely mentioned in the roadmap.

Although we are aware that we are publishing a roadmap with some uncertainty, we want to share our general plans with you because we believe this insight will give you planning certainty and strengthen your confidence in the future of PRTG. In return, we rely on your understanding that plans can change in a fast-moving technical world.

visit our prtg roadmap

Do You Know About Our Feature Request Process?

Is there an idea you want to suggest for PRTG? Just use our Feature Request Process. Read here about how you can place feature requests with us, and why it is not enough to just write a blog comment. 😉