What's new in PRTG since Q1 2022

 Originally published on August 24, 2022 by Sascha Neumeier
Last updated on August 24, 2022 • 8 minute read

Writing this article feels a bit like watching Groundhog Day...

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The last video update from Jörg, one of our PRTG product managers at Paessler, aired in spring 2022. Back then, we sat together and wrote down all the topics we wanted to present in the video.

Right after the video shoot, Jörg left for vacation, and I condensed the collected news into a blog article for you. The content was about Azure AD Single Sign-on, the first Redfish sensors for PRTG and how we planned to continue with Amazon monitoring. You can read the article again here:

👉 Latest PRTG news from our Product Manager Jörg (Spring 2022)

Now I'm sitting at my keyboard typing this kind of article for you again. Jörg has shot the video and - you probably guessed it - left for his summer vacation. Bon voyage, Jörg, have a great time!

These are the topics Jörg covers in the video:

  • Some serious progress on the new PRTG UI and RESTful API
  • New Cisco Meraki, Fortigate, NetApp, and Microsoft 365 sensor types
  • Another SSO option: Okta!
  • >1,000 users count on the cloud-based PRTG Hosted Monitor
  • PRTG Desktop handles multi-server scenarios
  • 🤩 New regular Paessler Development Insights webinars

iTell us what you need to monitor your IT infrastructure


☝️ Besides all the news, one more request from my side: We plan to create new sensors to expand IT infrastructure monitoring. 😍😱To ensure that we don't just develop anything, but deliver exactly what you've always been looking for, we need your input! 


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You can also submit your feature requests directly to us. For more information, check out the article Send us your PRTG feature requests.

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And there is so much more than PRTG Network Monitor!

Meanwhile, we offer more in the world of PRTG than just PRTG Network Monitor, which has been on the market for over 20 years.

Customers in the large scale and enterprise sectors can choose from two options: flexible licensing models or a dedicated product called Paessler PRTG Enterprise Monitor.

PRTG XL PRTG Enterprise Monitor

The PRTG XL license is a perpetual license. It limits the number of PRTG core servers but not the number of sensors.

  • Licensing based on the number of PRTG core servers
  • No sensor limitation by license; however, there might be physical limitations

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PRTG Enterprise Monitor is subscription based. There is no limitation on the number of PRTG servers; rather, you pay for the sensors you need.

  • Includes the exclusive ITOps Board
  • Unlimited PRTG server installations
  • Licensed by number of sensors

Get a personal demo

Large monitoring setups require planning, experience, and a lot of monitoring know-how. PRTG experts around the globe are ready to support you with the best monitoring setup for you. Click here to learn more and to contact us.

If you're already working in the cloud and don't want to bolt a server into your rack anymore, we've got something for you, too. The cloud natives among you surely already know Paessler PRTG Hosted Monitor.

Hosted monitoring for small  & medium IT infrastructure  Monitor all the systems, devices, applications,  traffic, and more in your IT infrastructure with  our cloud-based monitoring solution. Learn more

What's more, with our Paessler IoT solutions we help you discover the full potential of the Internet of Things. Whether you want to monitor irrigation, air quality, or your whole building - it's worth having a look at our IoT stack.

As you can see, there is a lot to discover in our product portfolio. Feel free to browse through our pages and use the contact options. 

🙋 We are always happy to answer your questions and help you wherever we can.