Send Us Your PRTG Feature Requests!

 Originally published on February 13, 2019 by Sascha Neumeier
Last updated on March 03, 2022 • 5 minute read

Do you use PRTG Network Monitor and need a feature that would make your daily work incredibly easier? Would you like to monitor a device or service, but you can't find a suitable sensor, nor is there an acceptable workaround in our PRTG Knowledge Base? Do you miss a feature in PRTG that would be great for many other PRTG users?

Then you're probably curious how you place feature requests for PRTG with us.

Feature Requests Are Just Empty Promises Anyway…

When the support departments on this planet run out of ideas, users are only too happy to end up in the "You can always drop us a feature request" section. I also know software vendors where the feature request answer has become a running gag.

We don't want to be like that! We listen to you, we take you seriously, and we want to make PRTG even better together with you! And we know very well that you sysadmins out there who work with PRTG every day know best which functions you need to complete your tasks efficiently and in a timely manner!

How Exactly Do These Feature Requests Work?

So, you want to submit a PRTG Feature Request to us. We provide the respective function within our PRTG Knowledge Base. This offers some advantages to you and us:

  • Supplying a feature request is easy
  • The status of the feature requests is transparent
  • The list of feature requests can be maintained in a reliable manner

Here's where you should start: In the Knowledge Base article "How Can I Propose New Features Or Sensors For PRTG?" we described how you can send us feature requests. All you need is an account in our Knowledge Base, and then you can create your request using a template.

In the article you'll also find links where you can see all current feature requests, vote for a request, and an FAQ section that hopefully leaves no questions unanswered. A summary of the most important links can also be found at the end of this article.

Why is Not Every Feature Request Implemented Immediately…

...even though it's really great and helpful? We have already received feature requests that were well thought out, close a functional gap in our software and offer real added value. Nevertheless, we didn't immediately start implementation with the highest priority. Why?

Suppose a really great feature request makes the life of 50 sysadmins easier, while another suggestion can become the new favorite feature of 30,000 PRTG users. In such cases, we can't avoid prioritizing requirements beyond the first-in-first-out principle and aligning effort with benefit. It can happen that we implement a request at a later point in time, even if we always do our best to implement all requirements as timely as possible. We will ultimately deny requests that are simply not feasible; however, we will give a detailed explanation in this case.

Useful Links

And now, let's get going with your feature requests. We are looking forward to your feedback about the process itself right here in the comments section below this article.😊

To share your PRTG feature requests, make sure you use this link!