The 5 Likeliest Topics in the Cisco CCNA Exam

 Published by Sascha Neumeier
Last updated on March 03, 2022 • 3 minute read

Everyone who works with Cisco switches during their time in IT is probably familiar with the various certification options offered by Cisco Systems. The best-known certification is the CCNA, the Cisco Certified Network Associate.

To achieve the status of CCNA, several exams have to be passed. We took a closer look at the pool of possible questions, collected and evaluated an incredible amount of statistical data, and today introduce you to the 5 topics that are most likely to come up in the CCNA exams.

  1. You need to scale the network over the next three years. Name three types of information you need to plan network growth.
  2. When a client in a corporate environment is rebooted, what type of server will it most likely need to access first?
  3. You need to ensure that a specific router is used as an active router for an HSRP group. Choose the set of commands to get the correct results.
  4. What is the result after using the command arp -d * ?
  5. In an IEEE 802.11 WLAN environment, what is the purpose of the Distributed Coordination Function?

If you plan to monitor your Cisco system environment with PRTG Network Monitor, try the blog series linked below. There we described in detail which Cisco sensors are available to you and how you can use them most effectively.

Have you already passed your CCNA exam? Do you have any helpful tips for those who still have their exams ahead of them? Share your experiences with us in the comments.