Sensor of The Week: SSH Meminfo Sensor

 Originally published on November 25, 2014 by Florian Staffort
Last updated on March 03, 2022 • 6 minute read

PRTG Network Monitor offers various possibilities for Linux monitoring. The easiest way is to use one of our native sensors that run on the Local Probe or the Remote Probe of a Windows system, located in your network, and gather data via SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol), WBEM (Web-Based Enterprise Management), or SSH (Secure Shell)—like, for example, monitoring the memory usage of your Linux/Unix system using the SSH Meminfo sensor.

Memory usage can vary quite drastically depending on which applications you are running. If you don't want to end up surprised and have to reallocate or expand memory in a hurry, just let PRTG keep an eye on this important resource for you. This way you'll know in advance if memory runs low and can act accordingly before important services are failing.


In order to monitor the available memory of your Linux/Unix system in total and in percent, just add the SSH Meminfo sensor to it. If you want to stay informed on changes in memory usage, don't forget to setup a notification based on a defined sensor limit. That's all you have to do to stay up-to-date on this important value!

For detailed settings for the SSH Meminfo sensor, please refer to the PRTG manual. Note that credentials need to be defined for the Linux systems you'll want to use the sensor on.


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