Sensor of the Week: SNMP Juniper NS System Health Sensor

 Originally published on June 17, 2015 by Florian Staffort
Last updated on March 03, 2022 • 5 minute read

Every network is different. The devices you find in a network often depend on the preference of the responsible admin—but no matter which devices you use, it's important to know their health status. If you prefer Cisco routers, switches or access points, the SNMP Cisco System Health sensor will show you all relevant health data. If you rely on Juniper NetScreen devices, we now have a new sensor for you which allows you to monitor all of their important health values.


Depending on the available measurement components of the Juniper NetScreen device you want to monitor, the SNMP Juniper NS System Health sensor creates the following channels at run-time:

  • CPU utilization,
  • Fan status,
  • Power supply status,
  • System temperature,
  • Status of memory usage in percent, and
  • Status of session usage in percent.

Which channels the sensor actually shows might depend on the monitored device and the sensor setup. Just give it a try and experience more insight into the performance of your Juniper NetScreen devices!

As this sensor types uses lookups to determine the status values of its channels, you can customize the channel values by editing the lookup file that the channels uses.

For more information on the SNMP Juniper NS System Health sensor, please have a look at the corresponding page of the PRTG manual. Also note that this sensor type is currently in beta status, so please let us know your feedback!


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