IT Management made easy with PRTG and bMS

 Originally published on January 17, 2020 by Sascha Neumeier
Last updated on March 03, 2022 • 4 minute read

Network Monitoring combined with Unified Endpoint Management

If you've been watching your PRTG Network Monitor Dashboard closely over the past few years, you might have noticed the number of devices dramatically increasing: Where servers and PC clients once played a major role, now a multitude of different devices, cloud services and IoT equipment are emerging.

The challenge is to keep all systems in the network up and running and reduce failures to an absolute minimum.

Monitoring and control

A typical system administrator has to manage routers, switches, a whole range of (virtual) servers, as well as PCs, laptops and mobile devices in their IT environment.

In addition to network monitoring, which always provides live information on the status of IT systems, management of endpoints is another requirement for administrators. The baramundi Management Suite complements PRTG Network Monitor to achieve this.

The unified endpoint management solution from baramundi manages extensive, heterogeneous device landscapes within the IT network. The typical time-consuming, routine activities which are hard to manage manually, such as OS installations, software distribution and inventory are automated as much as possible. All this can be managed directly from the sysadmin's desk, eliminating the need for time-intensive on-site visits to individual devices.

In the area of IT security, the baramundi Management Suite provides support by distributing security guidelines, installing missing patches and closing security gaps.

Integrated baramundi sensors

A common interface between PRTG Network Monitor and the baramundi Management Suite enables direct communication between the two systems. Using dedicated baramundi sensors in PRTG, the data generated in the baramundi Suite is displayed in PRTG.

Deep dive into the baramundi sensors

The baramundi Job Summary Sensor monitors the status of jobs in the baramundi Management Suite – both at individual endpoints and in the entire IT environment.


The baramundi Endpoint Sensor provides information on the respective end device and the various jobs running on it.


The baramundi Endpoint Summary Sensor displays the status of the endpoints as a summary. For example, it provides an overview of active and inactive endpoints and the device which has been inactive the longest.


As with all PRTG sensors, notifications and alerts can be set using individually-definable thresholds.

Find more information about PRTG Network Monitor and baramundi here.