PRTG Enterprise Console EOL – Switch to PRTG Desktop Now

 Originally published on October 29, 2019 by Sascha Neumeier
Last updated on March 03, 2022 • 4 minute read

In the spring of this year, PRTG Desktop left the beta stage and has been available for everyone since then.

PRTG Desktop is designed to replace the legacy PRTG Enterprise Console. With the release of PRTG Network Monitor version 19.2.49 in April 2019, we started to communicate that the Enterprise Console client will reach the end of its lifecycle soon and will not be supported in future releases of PRTG. You may have noticed the announcement pop up while working with Enterprise Console.

Half a year has passed since the initial notification, and the transition period is finally nearing its end. With the release of PRTG 19.4.53 at the end of October, Enterprise Console will no longer be supported.

Enterprise Console support will be phased out

With PRTG version 19.4.53, we will stop deploying and supporting the Enterprise Console as part of PRTG. Existing Enterprise Console installations may still be able to connect to later PRTG server versions, but we won’t actively support it anymore.

Time to try PRTG Desktop

PRTG Desktop features the same functionality as the Enterprise Console, but with improved stability and performance, and an updated look-and-feel. We really think you’ll like it!
If you are not yet using PRTG Desktop, visit for all the information you need to switch.

Some highlights of PRTG Desktop

PRTG Desktop offers you the well-known features of the Enterprise Console and even more:

  • Available for both Windows and macOS
  • Short release cycles
  • Choose between different release channels (preview to get new features earlier, or use the stable version)
  • Runs independent of the PRTG server version
  • Dark theme support
  • Different tree views (if you prefer the classic tree view, we've got you covered!)
  • Dashboard with sensor status of all connected PRTG servers
  • And many more features…

We are currently working on increasing the number of display languages. Providing you with the best quality localizations is more time consuming than we originally planned. Our translators are working on this with top priority, and we will make Spanish, French and other languages available to you with the next versions.

Resources for easy transition

Information about PRTG Desktop, including the download, can also be found right in your PRTG installation by clicking Setup - Downloads and Tools - Desktop Client Apps.

As always, if you have any questions or issues with PRTG Desktop, please feel free to contact us.