Paessler Toolbox Goes Public Beta

 Published by Greg Campion
Last updated on March 03, 2022 • 7 minute read

We at Paessler always have IT pros at the forefront of what we do. We are always trying to give our customers the best things in PRTG Network Monitor but we thought, is there something more that we can give our customers outside of our software? One of the many answers to this question was the idea of offering a set of tools that IT Pros use on a daily basis. So the Paessler Toolbox was born!

The Paessler Toolbox contains utilities that run in the cloud and solve some of the daily problems of IT administrators.

With this blog we are officially kicking off the public beta phase of the Paessler Toolbox. As "public" already suggests, we count on your feedback! If there are tools that you’d love to see here or if you have ideas about how we can improve the tools that are already there, let us know! To send us your feedback, just click the button "Send us feedback!" in the lower right corner of the Paessler Toolbox.

Now before you start testing, let's have a quick look at the available tools:

DNS Lookup

The DNS Lookup resolves the DNS name given in Singapore, Ireland and North Virginia. It shows the following:

  • All of the records for that name for each region
  • The response time per region
  • The resolved MX records for the domain, and the results of several MX checks
  • Results of a check of your DNSSEC settings
  • Results of name server checks to see if the records are set up properly.



Website Check

This tool will check a website with the 3 standard tools that every web developer uses. We do a chrome security check on your site, a Mozilla Observability check and a Chrome Lighthouse check. These 3 tools are the standards in the industry and having them all in one place can make checking your site a snap! More info on these tools can be found here:


Website Availability

This tool will try and connect to your website over HTTP or HTTPS and tell you how quickly your site responds from Ireland, North Virginia and Singapore. This is useful in order to make sure that your website is up and running and to check to see how quickly your servers or CDN respond to queries around the world. We also record the history of the checks made against the URL so you can see if the website’s performance is getting better or worse over time.


IP location

This is a fairly simple geolocation service for an IP address, but we also offer this service for IPv6.


Port Check

Did you open a port recently on your firewall and want to make sure it’s open to servers or people around the world? With this tool we will check if the port is open and record how quickly it responded.


MAC Vendor

Is there a pesky new device on your network but all you see is an IP and MAC address? Use our lookup tool to see what type of device it is and track down that shadow IT device!


Tell Us What You Think!

As already mentioned above - currently the Paessler Toolbox is in the Public Beta phase. So put the different features through their paces and give us feedback - just click the button "Send us feedback!" in the lower right corner of the Paessler Toolbox.

We are happy to work with you to make the Paessler Toolbox an essential suite for IT pros and sysadmins!