Handy SNMP Resources On The Cisco Website: Cisco MIB Listings, MIB Locator, and OID Translator

 Originally published on October 18, 2007 by Dirk Paessler
Last updated on March 03, 2022 • 3 minute read

Recently we came across the following three pretty notable pages provided by Cisco, allowing users to find Cisco MIBs and to discern OID segment almost at a glance.

  • "MIBs Supported by Product": The first one provides a concise MIB listing functionality based on multiple drop-down menus arranged by Cisco products.
  • MIB Locator: The second link provides a link (at the very top of the page) forwarding one to the MIB Locator which discerns relevant MIBs based on product, software version, and feature set.
Both of these pages will guide you to individual MIB files containing information about counters relevant to the respective Cisco devices that can be accessed using SNMP. These MIB files can be converted into PRTG and IPCheck compatible libraries using our MIB Importer. Once converted, these files should provide the ability to access and monitor the counters contained within the MIB file.
SNMP Object Navigator: And, finally, the third one allows to browser object trees for individual OID segments: By providing an OID segment, this application will recognize the object to which the segment belongs and return a list of the underlying branches of the MIB tree. For example: if one enters . the application will provide the name of the core (SNMPv2-SMI in the example provided), ennumerate the elements of the OID (iso.org.dod.internet), and list the residual tree in clickable branches, allowing one to virtually "walk" the tree in case.