Custom Status Messages with PRTG Lookups

 Originally published on March 10, 2013 by Gerald Schoch
Last updated on March 03, 2022 • 4 minute read

PRTG offers a nice little feature that helps administrators and users to convert numeric status codes into custom status messages. This is helpful if the standard status data that is given back by devices consists of numbers only which don’t tell the administrator directly what they mean.

In the past, administrators had to look up the meaning of a status code in their devices’ documentation each time they encountered a new one. Now you can easily enter the information of such tables into PRTG, using a new lookup feature. Thus, PRTG will display meaningful information in the interface, instead of mere numbers. These status messages can also be included in notifications for a better alerting. For example, for a printer, PRTG can show a sensor in a yellow warning status with channel values like "Toner Low" instead of showing a code "12".

PRTG lookups can be customized individually; you can define your own texts that will be shown in a sensor's channel.

The procedure of how to set custom notifications is described in the PRTG Manual, section Define Lookups.

Now Here Are Examples Of Lookups

In this example status 11 on port 11 would be a standard value. The other ports show some customized values in clear text, using lookups.

How to Configure Lookups in PRTG Network Monitor

This video tutorial explains in detail how to configure your own lookup files.