PRTG Sensor Contest: Our Second Winner Is...

 Originally published on November 30, 2017 by Patrick Gebhardt
Last updated on March 03, 2022 • 4 minute read

We are very pleased to announce our second PRTG Sensor Contest winner: The Startup SM!GHT. As an EnBW startup, SM!GHT was founded at the company's innovation campus in July 2014, and has developed Germany's first smart streetlamps. We'll let these Smart City pioneers, whose products have now been installed in 12 countries, speak for themselves:

» A lot of prototyping and development was necessary before we could bring SM!GHT's Base Tower onto the market. As the number of terminals in SM!GHT's network increased, we introduced PRTG Network Monitor. PRTG helps us monitor our technology, like charge controllers, routers, and traffic sensors. And PRTG was also used for development: in addition to these primary operations, it also monitored the temperature in the product casing. Operating each smart streetlamp requires the monitoring of router pings, runtime, charge controllers, sensor controllers, and the availability of sensor values in the cloud, as well as the availability of potential thermal imaging cameras. For the SM!GHT Air product family, WLAN-Hotspot solutions for installation inside and on buildings, as well as in existing streetlamps, also requires the evaluation of router pings and runtime. As of November 2017, we are monitoring over 1,050 sensors using PRTG. Devices can fail at any time, for example when LTE/LAN router connections are interrupted. It is then important to recognize whether the problem is temporary, or a real outage. Alongside individual air- and base products, we also oversee our entire data center. Systems: VPN router for tunnels, data banks, configuration servers for routers, our Owncloud, Jira, backend load controllers, CEM, and our cloud database for SM!GHT IQ sensorvalues. Finally, we can also use PRTG maps to explain to our clients how we monitor our systems on the local level, and also display an availability percentage rate. «