What You Miss If You Don’t Update! - PRTG Release

 Originally published on February 27, 2018 by Sascha Neumeier
Last updated on March 03, 2022 • 4 minute read

We just released PRTG Network Monitor stable version some days ago. It includes the brand-new REST Dell EMC Storage BETA sensors, stability improvements for Exchange sensors, and many other improvements and fixes.

What's New?

We added 5 new sensor types that enable you to monitor your Dell EMC Storage systems out of the box! The sensors use the REST API of Dell EMC Storage devices to retrieve monitoring data and show health statuses and other important measurements of your Dell EMC Storage components. You can monitor disk usage, EMC Storage file system health, EMC Storage LUNs, the Storage pool and the global EMC Storage health status.

All you need for monitoring with the new sensors is an EMC Storage system that provides a REST API, for example EMC Unity Family, EMC Unity All Flash, EMC Unity Hybrid, or EMC UnityVSA.

What has Changed?

We improved all our Exchange PowerShell sensors! You will especially notice stability improvements for your Exchange sensors that monitor via PowerShell.

The Exchange Backup (PowerShell) sensor now also shows the elapsed time since the last differential backup and since the last incremental backup.

The Exchange Public Folder (PowerShell) sensor can now monitor subfolders. If you already use that sensor you must create that sensor new. Existing sensors of this type will stop working! We also recommend that you create Exchange Backup (PowerShell) sensors anew if they already exist in your environment.

Further Improvements

Great news for the infrastructure admins out there: Release 18.1.37 contains various performance improvements for NetFlow V9, NetFlow V9 (Custom), IPFIX and IPFIX (Custom) sensors!

We made changes to the NetApp LIF sensor. There's a new channel ‘Is home’ that shows if the logical interface is at the home port.

If you run a QNAP, you can now see when a drive is in "Synchronizing" state. The status can be found in the channel "Volume Status". While a QNAP drive is in synchronization mode, the PRTG sensor is in warning status.

All details of 18.1.37 and

In addition to new sensors and several improvements, we also fixed some bugs. Check out our release notes page for the latest PRTG changes:

0 Maintenance Days Left?

Your PRTG installation is out of maintenance but you can’t wait to install the latest release? Just switch to your PRTG Home screen and hit the “Get Maintenance” button. If you prefer personal contact send an email to sales@paessler.com and our fabulous Customer Service Team will delight you.