Is Your Security Really Secure?

 Originally published on March 28, 2016 by Thomas Timmermann
Last updated on March 03, 2022 • 2 minute read

Since the early days of networking, security has been one of the top subjects in the IT and network world and today it's more important than ever. Last year 58% of all administrators being asked by us mentioned IT security as one of their core tasks and said it's an ongoing challenge. Indeed, security includes much more than just a virus scanner or a firewall: BYOD and IoT bring new risks, small mistakes made can endanger data, and physical threats like fire or water also must be taken into account when developing a security concept.

To be ready for these threats, the use of a monitoring solution as a meta security tool is a vital part of IT security. Monitoring controls and assures functionality and reliability of other security tools and serves as a fallback and gives you a central overview of your IT. We wrote down many of the risks you can manage with an appropriate monitoring solution and offer a checklist for selecting the best software.

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