Betty's IT Bits on YouTube. Presented by Granny Betty.

 Originally published on April 23, 2018 by Patrick Gebhardt
Last updated on March 03, 2022 • 2 minute read

"One would have to create something that is neither useful nor fun", a mad sadist once thought - and invented the first YouTube how-to video. This has been haunting us for years. Because most tutorials on YouTube are annoying, period. Either they are too long or they promise more than they can keep. And have you noticed that videos that claim to tell you the five easiest ways to do this or that, usually aren’t an explanation in five simple steps, but the bestial attempt by frantic, attractive twentysomethings to show their positive faces on the Internet for as long as possible? 

All that has an end now!

Betty's IT Bits Episode 1 

We bring wisdom, pointed brevity and authentic charm back to the Internet, with our Granny Betty, our eloquent IT expert Shaun, and our new YouTube format, "Betty's IT Bits". Topics are questions about network monitoring, computers and everything else that might interest you. Yes, this is an invitation to suggest topics to us in the comments. And of course you can also recommend some of the videos to your non-technical colleagues (for example: our upcoming video on password security).

We deliberately keep each video short. Betty has no desire to waste more time than necessary, and if she catches Shaun saying stupid phrases, she gets the rolling pin. Best conditions for fast knowledge acquisition.

Alrighty then?