By Patrick Gebhardt • Nov 13, 2017

The Periodic Table of Network Monitoring

We all remember how great we were in high school chemistry, of course. We know that Ah is the element of surprise, Mm is the atomic symbol for cookie and we can cool ourselves to -273.15 ˚C and still be 0K. But this doesn’t help very much in the world of computers and internet, does it? So our great team came up with a newly developed overview on how to illustrate the most relevant terms and terminology of system administration. Categorized in the groups:

  • Devices
  • (Virtual) Environment
  • Server
  • Cloud
  • Performance
  • Custom Monitoring

you’ll find everything from Ai like API or Rt like Router to Wm like WMI.

Want to get the infographic in high res? Download now!


You feel like there’s something missing? Our periodic table might seem as it is carved in stone – but we’re motivated to always keep it up-to-date and adjust it to what you’re actually interested in. So please get back to us and let us know what you are missing!