Microsoft Teams Monday: What's New in 2018?

 Originally published on February 12, 2018 by Nina Wildfeuer
Last updated on March 03, 2022 • 9 minute read

Two months have passed since our last 'Microsoft Teams Monday' here on the blog. It's time to get news about Microsofts Office 365 group chat software, especially as the latest version presents several juicy new features.

Here is a quick overview on what has been added and improved:

  • Control who can post in General
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Improved OneNote Tab
  • Hide Chats
  • Custom Links
  • Meeting Improvements
  • Screen Sharing / Take over control
  • Calls between Teams and Skype for Business
  • Teams command box
  • A bot named Who

Let us take a look at the details:

Control who can post in General

There are new settings for the General Channel in a Team. The Team owner can decide who can post in the General Channel and can even give warnings when a post notifies everyone (for large teams).

MS Teams Control who can post

You can find this setting here (if you have owner rights on a team):

  • Click on the 3 dots next to your team name
  • Select "Manage Team"
  • Navigate to the settings tab
  • Open Member permissions

Teams Channel Settings Member permissions

Keyboard Shortcuts

The developers added a few keyboard shortcuts, which might be worth taking a look at: Windows | Mac

You can also access them in your Teams Desktop Client by clicking on your profile picture in the right upper corner. Choose Keyboard Shortcuts from the menu.

Teams Keyboard Shortcuts

Improved OneNote Tab

When adding a new OneNote Tab to a Channel you have new options to use existing notebooks. This was possible in the past as well but was a bit clunky to use.

Teams Improved OneNote tab

Hide Chats

You can now hide chats from your chatbar. Simply click on the 3 dots next to the chat.

Teams Hide Chats

Don't worry; this will not delete your chat history! Searching for the colleague will bring the history back. 

Custom Links

Adding custom links now got easier. When writing a message press CTRL + K:

Teams Custom Links

Click 'Insert' and get a link with custom link text.

Meeting Improvements

They also added a few features to Meetings. You can now mute your colleagues. Simply click on them and select Mute Participant. They can unmute themselves if needed.

Teams Meeting Improvements

Screen Sharing / Take over control

This one was long awaited. You can now control the screen of your partner in remote sessions - so no Skype for Business needed anymore. There are two ways to give control. One way is to request it.

Teams Screen Sharing 01

Teams Screen Sharing 02

The other way is to proactively give control. The window can be found hidden on the presenting screen. Just hover your mouse on the upper edge of the monitor and it will appear. There you can give control to one of the viewers. (This way you can also remove the controls.)

Teams Screen Sharing 03

When there is more than one presenter, it looks like this:

Teams Screen Sharing 04

You have their picture next to their mouse icon. Both can control the screen.

Calls between Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business

You can now call someone in Teams from Skype for Business and vice versa. 

Control Teams via Command Box

This is a brand-new Teams feature. Wherever you go in Teams, the command box is there for quick searches and commands.Type / for a list of common commands and tasks.

Teams Command Box

A Bot Named Who

Who is a brilliant feature for learning more about your colleagues. You want to know where someone is, what they're working on, or just want to find more details about people you meet? All you have to do is just ask Who. Go to the Teams Store, search for Who and install.

Teams Ask Who

There are a few other features coming in. Check regularly by typing /whatsnew in your search bar.

Teams Whats New Command


Do You Use Microsoft Teams?

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