Keeping watch: Monitoring your path to sustainable IT

 Published by Patrick Gebhardt
Last updated on July 18, 2023 • 4 minute read

If it is obvious that increasing requirements for the economy to effectively protect the climate lay in our future, how do smart decision-makers prepare for the new normal today? Each region of our world differs from the other in its economic parameters. And different ways of asking can sometimes yield conflicting answers.

What unites us all is the disruptive impact of climate change, which is posing an ever-increasing threat to humankind. In this study, we examine the ASEAN and ANZ markets in more detail, to better understand the current state of sustainability practices among businesses — and dive into current barriers in deploying green IT practices.

keeping watch monitoring your path to sustainable it

We conducted the study with 200 decision-makers from major to huge companies. The revenue of these businesses had to be at least $50 million, but most of them came in much higher. To get the big picture, we highly recommend you read the study.


TL;DR, or: The small picture in 4 points

In case you really don't have so much time today — no questions asked — here are the key takeaways in tiny nutshells:

🌰 Nutshell #1

Digital transformation, sustainability, and increased efficiency are best friends. Seriously, they are mutually dependent. Digital transformation will enable businesses to meet new environmental requirements. The result is a new level of efficiency that gives companies real prospects for the future in this changing world.

🌰 Nutshell #2

It is through digitization that certain green business models and products emerge. The best examples are sharing economy models on digital platforms. Sustainability and efficiency can, in turn, ensure that companies have better opportunities in the market. Consumer preferences and specifications are also changing: Sustainable business models will become even easier to establish in the future.

🌰 Nutshell #3

A sustainable IT strategy supported by comprehensive IT monitoring is more than just a "nice to have". It must become an integral part of business operations. This can ensure that material procurement and production processes are integrated into the digital transformation strategy.

🌰 Nutshell #4

Paessler can help companies of all sizes and in all key sectors close the gap between digital transformation and sustainability. Data-based decisions are necessary when a company's goals are resource optimization and true efficiency.