How do YOU monitor resource consumption with PRTG?

 Originally published on July 14, 2021 by Patrick Gebhardt
Last updated on October 28, 2022 • 8 minute read

The climate crisis puts us all at risk. Live more consciously, use fewer resources; that's the credo you hear over and over again. But hey, to put your mind at ease: done right, saving resources has almost as much to do with understanding your data than with making sacrifices. That's why we at Paessler have made it our purpose to contribute to reducing the consumption of resources together with you, our customers. As a monitoring company, it comes naturally to be data-driven. Our products offer great analysis of the current state of your environment to enable a more resource-efficient tomorrow. And although we monitor our own PV system, we are not part of the manufacturing industry, we don't water large agricultural areas, or cool down large data centers.

This is where YOU come into play. In a customer survey, 37% of PRTG users stated they have already begun to implement new sustainable IT strategies into their business, and 22% will start doing so in the next year. In total 73% of the respondents agreed that PRTG is suitable for monitoring resource consumption.

We want to learn...

...about your use cases and the struggles you've overcome or are still facing. We want to further improve our monitoring offering based on your experience. That's why we need your ideas and your stories. We want to know what you are monitoring in order to optimize and reduce resource consumption in your field of work. This could mean:

  • Power/ energy consumption
  • Temperature monitoring (e.g. cooling systems for data centers)
  • CO₂ emissions
  • Wear and tear of machines and tools (e.g. in the context of predictive maintenance)
  • Water consumption
  • Raw materials
  • Things I can't think of right now

How can you participate?


  • Tell us about your company,
  • explain how you are saving resources with PRTG,
  • and attach some screenshots of your dashboards,
  • or at least add some informative data.

You can even record a short video if you're more comfortable with that medium or think you look too handsome not to show it. Simply get your story across and get in touch with us. You can most easily use this email address 👉, but you can also contact us through Social Media or our blog if you have further questions about this.

What's in it for you?


If your use case gets chosen by our jury, your magnificent idea will not only get shared within the PRTG community (e.g., via the Paessler blog), but we will send you a really fun and sustainable gadget. You can participate from Mid-July to Mid-October and after every month we will choose the use cases that impressed us the most. Every month there are two prizes up for grabs: As a first prize we will give away one of the greatest backpacks out there, the iconic Everyday Backpack, and as a second prize you'd receive an electric and self-watering Smart Garden.

Are you in?


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