Sensor of the Week: Hyper-V Virtual Storage Device Sensor

 Originally published on February 24, 2015 by Florian Staffort
Last updated on January 23, 2024 • 5 minute read

In today's IT environments it's almost impossible not to incorporate some kind of virtualization in order to face upcoming challenges. Although the initial setup has to be planned very thoroughly, it provides more freedom in terms of scalability and a more flexible working environment for users and admins alike. Like physical hardware also virtual components need to be monitored to guarantee that they are performing as required. Virtual storage is a common area of application which is, for example, provided by Microsoft Hyper-V.


This week's featured Hyper-V Virtual Storage Device sensor enables you to monitor virtual storage devices running on a Microsoft Hyper-V host server. By default, this sensor type uses a hybrid approach to query monitoring data, first trying via Windows Performance Counters to need relatively few system resources, and, if performance counters are not available, using Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) as a fallback.

When adding this sensor type to PRTG you can select all virtual storages on your Hyper-V server at once to have one sensor for each device immediately. Setting up monitoring for your virtual environment can't be faster! Now you're able to monitor the virtual storage devices' read and write speed, as well as the number of encountered errors.

The Hyper-V Virtual Storage Device sensor helps you detect anomalies in the read/write values of your virtual storage devices early on so you can react proactively before your virtual systems break up. For more detailed information on this sensor type please have a look at the corresponding PRTG manual page.


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