By Sascha Neumeier • Mar 13, 2019

Work with Our PRTG How-to Guides

If you use PRTG Network Monitor regularly, you will sooner or later come across one of our numerous support resources. We offer many ways to learn more about PRTG:

We previously summarized an overview of all available resources, including further details for you, in the article 7 Useful PRTG Support Resources You Should Know.

What Do the How-To Guides Teach You?

The how-to guides are aimed at both PRTG beginners and regular users who want to get the most out of PRTG with simple instructions. Practical step-by-step tutorials explain the most common features. Here are some examples: 


How to set up web server monitoring in 3 steps

Web servers are a critical part of every business. This how-to guide shows what you should monitor, and what the most important components and services are.


How PRTG stores its monitoring data in 3 steps

You are starting PRTG for the first time and wonder: How does PRTG store its huge amount of data? This how-to guide is the answer.


How to integrate Active Directory in 4 steps

By default, PRTG uses its own internal account database to authenticate users. For more complex environments, this how-to guide explains the option to easily integrate with Active Directory (AD).


You can find a lot more instructions in our constantly growing How-to section. Please check back regularly; the content is frequently updated.

Would you like to have a certain topic implemented as a how-to? Or do you have a step-by-step guide that you would like to share with the PRTG community? Write us in the comments!