By Mark Schmidts • May 24, 2017

Learn, Workshop and Discuss: Why You Should Attend the Web Week at Paessler Next Year

Hands-on Workshops, Serverless Architecture and Webpack

For the second time in a row, we decided to participate in the Nuremberg Web Week and to share our knowledge about modern web applications with the local developer scene. This event is a meeting point for tech enthusiasts in the Nuremberg region. Each year it assembles a broad selection of conferences, presentations and workshops around digital topics.

The event started off with the DevOps Camp, which brought together more than 100 DevOps at the Paessler headquarters for one weekend, discussing, workshopping—and just having a good time:


Build, Pack, Deploy: From Scratch to Production in No Time

First Vladislav, Daniel and I held a two hour hands-on workshop, sharing our knowledge about development with Vue.js, module bundling with webpack and deployment using the serverless framework. Webpack founder and developer Tobias Koppers even gave a short overview of the module bundler, which would be later part of his presentation. After the introduction in these cutting-edge technologies, the ten participants took action themselves and started fulfilling tasks with the demo application we provided. Programming on their own notebooks, they could apply the knowledge they just learned in a real application. Completing task by task, everybody seemed to enjoy the brain-jogging.

Since the participants had different backgrounds, from web development beginners to Javascript experts, we had to explain some backgrounds here and there. For few participants, we even handed out extra tasks, since they finished early. All in all, we learned a lot as trainers, could share our experience and knowledge and had an interesting exchange about similar technologies and approaches.

Serverless Architecture and Webpack

After having a break to get some individual feedback from the workshop participants, everyone headed over to our conference room. In two presentations, the workshop participants and many other guests had the chance to learn more about two of the technologies already introduced by the workshop held earlier. First Govinda gave a great introduction to the serverless framework. Explaining how PRTG on demand handles its deployment and provisioning without working on an extra backend server, he gave a step by step introduction in working with S3 Buckets and AWS Lambda functions. It was great to get some insights on how modern application architecture with the focus on scalability can look like.

Continuing the introduction to the stack, which we use for providing the on demand service for PRTG, Tobias Koppers, the founder of, gave an in-depth introduction on how Webpack can be used, bundling big applications. His slides are available on his GitHub account. Explaining the huge feature set of webpack, we could all understand the power of this handy tool. He even gave some real-world examples, showing how this technique is used in popular applications.

After the presentations of Tobias and Govinda, everyone headed over to the buffet, getting their stomachs filled with delicious organic food from a local dealer. While snacking away I got the chance to get to know some of our guests better. From developers over IT company representatives to middle school teachers, I met people from various backgrounds all seeking for an exchange regarding web development and modern deployment techniques. Apart from IT Topics we had great chats during our kicker tournament and while enjoying local brews provided by Paessler in the evening.

Overall we had a great time with our guest and lots of discussions about very interesting topics. We can't wait for next year's get-together at Paessler.