Sneak Peek: PRTG Developer Insights 2018

 Originally published on February 01, 2019 by Sascha Neumeier
Last updated on February 10, 2020 • 3 minute read

Last week you already got a look behind the scenes from us. In the article How We Use Lambda and Step Functions to Create PRTG Instances in AWS Greg explained the components that make up the infrastructure we require at Amazon, how the communication between the individual gateways works, and on which basis we provide the individual cloud formation stacks with the necessary speed.

But a lot also happened in our development team last year. We have therefore summarized a few numbers for you to give you an insight into what is happening behind the scenes at Paessler headquarters in software development.

  • In 2018 we have published 18 releases incl. hotfixes and implemented 881 cases
  • We had 11,979 code commits
  • We compiled 8,142 successful PRTG builds in total
  • No less than 41,806 files changed, with 702,549 insertions and 7,379,148 deletions #improvingsourcecode
  • We hired 20 new colleagues for development
  • We had more than 2,000 active PRTG Desktop (beta) users per day
  • We revised 1,918 strings (in words: 26,587) in the PRTG code. Considering that we offer PRTG in 9 languages, this means we reworked 17,262 strings (corresponding to 239,283 words).
  • You guys read 3,225,448 PRTG Knowledge Base pages
  • 551,353 users had a look in our PRTG manual


infografik-prtg-develompent neu


Our development teams are of course already deeply engaged in the projects for 2019, and there is still a lot of news to come this year. Soon you'll learn more about the upcoming PRTG release 19.1.48 - PLUS some more great things! Stay tuned! 😊