[Podcast] Interview: The Future of the IT Channel – A Case of "Get Big or Get Niche"?

 Originally published on December 15, 2017 by Dominik Schmitt
Last updated on December 15, 2017 • 3 minute read

In the second instalment of our PRTG podcast interview slot, "Paessler Rupert's Thorough Grilling" - a slightly more serious offshoot of "The Geek and the Sales Guy" - we take a look at the future of the IT channel. IT is the fastest moving industry in the world and, in this new dimension of cloud based computing delivery and vendors offering almost immediate access to their product through a web browser, we pose the questions many IT channel organizations might be facing in their ongoing quest to future-proof their businesses.

Does this new paradigm spell the end for the mid-market reseller, selling thousands of partcodes off thousands of price lists, but with no real technical skills to offer on top? Without in-depth intellectual property, are you now effectively a zombie company? Will the experience and know-how of Managed Service Providers mean they dominate the market? And will the global licensing houses eventually gobble up so much market share that only insignificant scraps remain?

Rupert talks to 3 experts from UK based MSPs - SICL, Krome Technologies and Wanstor - to get their take on where all this is going.


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