By Dominik Schmitt • Oct 11, 2017

[Podcast] The Geek and The Sales Guy #5: The Whingebag Edition…

Average broadband speeds around the world and the perils of email are the two main topics for the 5th episode of The Geek and The Sales Guy.

Simon and Rupert wax lyrical on the dangers of not checking your email content (and recipients) and elaborate on why Simon’s tales of woe around the delayed provision of his beloved fibre broadband (that he was promised many months ago), continue unchecked. Even his MP can’t help!

In other news, the guys reveal Bill Gates’ single biggest regret, they discuss the merits and drawbacks of the “disruptive” generation plus they explain why London ExCel exhibition centre is beginning to feel like a 2nd home for poor Rupert.

Oh, and did we mention poor Simon and the mystery of his missing fibre? Diddums.

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