By Peter Zsoldos • Nov 21, 2012

Paessler AG is one of the hosts of the Global Day of Coderetreat on Dec 8th 2012

On December 8 the worldwide Global Day of Coderetreat takes place. In more than 110 cities around the globe small groups of software developers will meet to work together on development tasks.

Their goal is to learn and use state-of-the-art development methodologies like pair-programming, test driven development, and others and to do this with a global scope: the 110+ teams around the globe will work together as one team using the Internet.

Each local Coderetreat is organized like a workshop for software developers. There will be 6 sessions, each 45 minutes long, where the same problem will have to be solved under different constraints. You can use any programming language that we have a development environment for.

So if you are a software developer: Why would you want to come?

  • To experience modern software development
  • To deepen your understanding of known techniques and to ask more questions about them
  • To meet other developers and exchange programming ideas
  • Meet people from the Paessler Team

Get Your Free Ticket

Paessler AG is happy to be one of the hosts this year. The Nürnberg Code Retreat will take place in our very own bistro right inside our office located in Rilkepark (Bucher Straße 79a, Nürnberg).

To join the fun you must obtain a free ticket in advance: Free tickets can be requested from Eventbrite.

Looking forward to see you there!