Our Brand-New Support Resource: The PRTG How-To Guides

 By Sascha Neumeier
Jun 12, 2019 • 2 minute read

When we develop features in PRTG Network Monitor, we emphasize the importance of simple, self-explanatory operation. Our goal is to provide you with software that you can ideally set up and use without the help of the user manual.

This works quite well for many features, but there are also functions that require a more complex configuration. Here the user manual and our other support resources are there to assist you. At this point I recommend the article 7 Useful PRTG Support Resources You Should Know 😊

In addition to the existing support options, another little assistant has been added to our website: the PRTG How-To Guides. In the guides we describe typical scenarios that occur frequently in the daily use of PRTG.

We already published step-by-step guides about Active Directory, web server monitoring, PRTG libraries, the PRTG map designer etc.

Today we offer you 6 brand-new guides (in English and German). Get all necessary practical information about

  • How to set up limits for PRTG sensors
  • How to set up notifications with the PRTG Web Interface
  • How to set up notifications with our new PRTG Desktop App
  • How to set up Flow monitoring
  • How to install a remote probe
  • How to monitor a VMware vSphere environment


We are also constantly working on adding more How-to's to our site. So just put the page directly into your bookmarks and check back every now and then.