One Flew over the Paessler's Nest

 By Patrick Gebhardt
Aug 7, 2019 • 1 minute read

More and more companies are paying attention to their energy consumption, but only a few generate their own energy. We are quite happy that our roof now serves as more than just rain protection.

You probably guessed it already.


And because we at Paessler like to make videos about how other people work, we captured the construction and the finished result with a drone flight. But before you watch this video, which includes sunshine, a roof, and a Tesla, we have some highly important questions.

👉 Do you own a commercial or private photovoltaic system? If so, how do you monitor the whole thing? Where do you still see room for improvement in these processes?

Have you given it some thought? Sure? Double sure? The best place to talk to us is in the comments section.

Here's the video: