By Kimberley Parsons Trommler • Jul 26, 2016

Gotcha! Hunting for Critical Internet Issues (and Pokemon)

Your business relies heavily on the Internet, and increasingly on cloud-based services in the Internet. And while you rely on PRTG Network Monitor as a great tool for discovering issues in your internal IT infrastructure, we want to make sure you're also aware of what PRTG offers for detecting issues in the public Internet. Because we understand how frustrating it is when you can't connect to an important server for, like, an entire weekend.


In version 15.1.14 we released two cloud sensors: Cloud HTTP and Cloud Ping. These two sensors let you test the connection to a web server from various locations around the world, either by ping or by HTTP(S) requests. Just create one of these sensors, enter the URL you'd like to test, and let PRTG monitor connectivity from the following locations to that URL:

  • Asia Pacific (Tokyo)
  • EU West (Ireland)
  • US East (N. Virginia)
  • US West (Oregon)

How does it work? Paessler will try to reach the URL you've specified from each of these four Amazon data centers, and will report the response time and response code received. So you know whether or not your most critical Internet services are responding well from locations around the world. And you know whether or not it's worth taking your phone (and your Pokémon) for a walk in the rain.


For more detailed information on the Cloud HTTP sensor, its requirements, and settings please have a look at the PRTG manual. Please note that currently you can only use 5 sensors of this type at the same time, so select your top 5 wisely!

Happy hunting—for critical issues, of course. What else would you be hunting for? ;)

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