Food Trucks Sensor for PRTG

 Originally published on June 02, 2016 by Dominik Schmitt
Last updated on February 10, 2020 • 5 minute read

For those who follow us on Social Media or have visited our Career page, it may come as no surprise: we at Paessler love food. And since we moved into our new headquarters, we've got a new way to enjoy even more food: Food Trucks!

It seemed only appropriate to combine this passion with PRTG. And so, we proudly present: The Food Trucks Sensor. Simply said: It shows if and when there are any Food Trucks near your building (sorry, it only works in Germany at the moment). 


You can download it here.



This is how it works: 

1) Copy Foodtruck.exe to the folder Custom Sensors\exexml 

2) Open Google Maps and enter the area you want to check for Food Trucks


3.) Right-click, then choose "What's here?" 


4.) Copy your GPS coordinates



5.) Add the sensor to PRTG



6.) Enter your settings



That's all! :-) From now on you'll know when a Food Truck comes your way. And of course, you can easily integrate the sensor within your PRTG dashboard:


Though it's not an "official" sensor (that's why we can't give any support for it), it soon became an internal favorite of ours. We hope you enjoy it as well! :-)