Celebrating the 5th Housewarming Party in 15 Years

 Originally published on June 29, 2016 by Anne Christin Braun
Last updated on March 03, 2022 • 5 minute read

You may have already heard about our recent office move, back in April. Since then two months have passed - two months of unpacking, rearranging and getting familiar with the new Paessler headquarters. Now that we're well settled into our brand new office, it was time for a housewarming party to remember. Having moved 5 times in 15 years simply because we needed more space also means we've become housewarming party experts! Plus: We love fine food and drink - the perfect prerequisites for hosting a memorable party, right?



We invited dear partners, our families and of course all our colleagues from around the world to join in the fun. Altogether we welcomed more than 450 guests from 16 different nations. Some of our partners even came all the way from countries like Japan, India, Russia, Argentina, Brazil and Colombia, which was a true honor for us.

After a long and entertaining night full of great conversations with old and new friends, tasty food and, of course, good music, we all went to bed a bit exhausted but very happy. Even the weather had mercy on us and gave us the only dry, sunny day that week. Rumors have it that some of us didn't go to bed at all but partied into the wee hours of the early morning, but that's a different story...


Catching Up With Our International Partner Base

For our partners, the next day got off to an early start, because they hadn't come only to celebrate our new office. They also came to learn more about PRTG and how we work. Luckily there was a little hangover station providing water and headache pills for those of us who needed a little kick-start that day. 

Our COO Christian Twardawa presented a keynote about Paessler Business Insights, the marketing team provided plenty of new marketing material for our partners, and our systems engineers offered PRTG advanced sessions and the possibility to talk one-on-one with our techies.  After the presentations, it was time to say thank you to our partners. We are big fans and supporters of all of our resellers, and we were excited to honor those who were particularly dedicated in recent months and years. That's why we gave away special Paessler Awards in 6 different categories. Congratulations again to all the winners!

We thoroughly enjoyed having our partners and friends visit, and hope that we'll see everybody again very soon!


For some more impressions, have a look at our housewarming video! 



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